Creamii Art



Hi, my name is Amber

Creator of Creamii Art from SoCal, Self-Taught Artist, Lover of Everything Psychedelic,  Explorer of Video Games and Galactic Dreamer...

I first started my journey creating as a child. I always was fond of painting as a kid but I learned how to draw from watching my favorite anime, reading my favorite manga and creating cringe worthy fan art with my best friend. Over time I developed my style, using my love for my culture,travel, nature, video games, and especially dreams as influences.

I started working on Creamii back in 2011, It was a way to release my stress,my anger, my anxiety, just every emotion I couldn't vocalize.

During the past few  years  I started to expand on my work, meet new people and explore the art world. Which has endless possibilities. When I am not creating, I spend most of my time walking the cats, studying mushrooms, selling houses and being devious with my husband while we play video games. (He is also my partner in crime on (Twitch) When we feel like it.

So I hope you like my work,and thank you for all of the support throughout my journey as I build my universe.

Amber S